Tony Fouhse on Ambition

Now I’m retired and my ambitions are waning. I’m content to photograph personal projects, write about photography, walk my dog, garden, read, cook and nap. A most fulfilling retirement, seeking fame and fortune an artifact from my previous life.

~ Tony Fouhse

Tony Fouhse on Action

Stasis equals death, just like thought minus action equals zero.

~ Tony Fouhse / Drool

Tony Fouhse on Problems

Fucked if I know. I suppose that these questions will get worked out by the doing. After all, that’s how most stuff gets worked out . . . by applying yourself to the problem.

~ Tony Fouhse / Drool

Tony Fouhse on Leaving a Trace

…Like my photo projects it’s a way to keep track and to reckon, to try to understand myself and the world, and to leave a trace of my passage through.

~ Tony Fouhse / Drool

Tony Fouhse on the System

Of course, if the approval of the power brokers that represent the status quo is what you need, if your validation will only come from having your work placed on the white walls of the white cubes, I’m afraid you’re pretty much stuck with playing their game, using their rules.

~ Tony Fouhse / Drool