Oliver Stone on Struggle

“…the patterns of struggle and failure in life tend to repeat themselves.”

~ Oliver Stone

Stone, Oliver. Chasing The Light: How I Fought My Way into Hollywood – From the 1960s to Platoon (p. 73). Octopus. Kindle Edition.

Viktor Frankl on Striving

“What man actually needs is not a tensionless state but rather the striving and struggling for some goal worthy of him.”

~ Viktor Frankl

Elias Khoury on War

“I’ve lived my life under a state of near permanent war.”

~ Elias Khoury

Robert Kennedy on Struggle

“The travail of freedom and justice is not easy, but nothing serious and important in life is easy. The history of humanity has been a continuing struggle against temptation and tyranny – and very little worthwhile has ever been achieved without pain.”

~ Robert Kennedy