Tom Sachs on Work

Can you imagine getting paid really, really well to do something that you didn’t love to do? What a horrible curse that would be.

~ Tom Sachs / Louisiana Channel

Stephen King on Money

The money isn’t very important. The idea is to take care of your family and have enough left over to buy books and go to the movies once a week. As a goal in life, ‘getting rich’ strikes me as fairly ludicrous. The goal is to do what God made you for and not hurt anyone if you can help it.

~ Stephen King / NYT, August 13, 2000

Michael Mosley on Money

What is the most important lesson you’ve learnt about money?
That you need to adapt your lifestyle to your income — and to remember that it really doesn’t make that much difference so long as you can afford the basics.

~ Michael Mosley / Times, 29th March 2020

Albert Camus on Poverty

“What could a man want that is better than poverty? I do not say misery, any more than I mean the work without hope of the modern proletarian. But I do not see that one could desire more than poverty with an active leisure.”

~ Albert Camus

Hunter Thompson on Mediocrity

Only those who can see above and beyond the American goal of respectable mediocrity can enjoy a life that leads to anything but a struggle to attain that end.

~Hunter Thompson

J.K. Galbraith on Money

For any sensible person, money is two things: a major liberating force and a great convenience. It’s devastating to those who have in mind nothing else.

~ J.K. Galbraith

David Hockney on Money

I’ve always had enough money to do what I want to do, for the last 55 years, even when I didn’t have much. And that’s all I’m interested in.

~ David Hockney

Cicero on Thrift

“Cannot people realise how large an income is thrift?”

~ Cicero

Colin Beavan on Convenience

“My whole life seemed to have turned into a moneymaking machine intended to buy more convenience…”

~ Colin Beavan / No Impact Man

Benjamin Franklin on Contentment

He that is rich need not live sparingly, and he that can live sparingly, need not be rich.

~ Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin on Contentment

Content and riches seldom meet together. Riches take thou, contentment I had rather.

~ Benjamin Franklin