Robert Kennedy on Struggle

“The travail of freedom and justice is not easy, but nothing serious and important in life is easy. The history of humanity has been a continuing struggle against temptation and tyranny – and very little worthwhile has ever been achieved without pain.”

~ Robert Kennedy

Nietzsche on Justice

“Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest you become one.”

~ Nietzsche

Seamus Heaney on Hope

“Anything can happen, the tallest towers
Be overturned, those in high places daunted,
Those overlooked regarded.”

~ Seamus Heaney

Martin Luther King on Justice

“Let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

~ Martin Luther King

Seamus Heaney on Justice

“History says, Don’t hope On this side of the grave, But then, once in a lifetime The longed-for tidal wave Of justice can rise up And hope and history rhyme. . . Believe that a farther shore Is reachable from here. Believe in miracles And cures and healing wells.”

~ Seamus Heaney