Stephen Shore on Grief

SS Oh yes. Although when I look back at that period, I think it’s just in my nature to take the events of life and somehow plough ahead. The couple of years after my parents died are the most productive years I’ve had. I think that’s how I dealt with it. I couldn’t do anything about it. I was not going to rematerialise them.
AS But you didn’t go into a room and close yourself in, which is the poet route.
SS Exactly. The route I took was to get in the car and drive and spend all day taking pictures.

Stephen Shore & Alec Soth / Financial Times, 10th May 2019

Kelsey Grammer on Addiction

“I do believe in an axiomatic truth: Addiction is the result of unresolved grief.”

~ Kelsey Grammer

William Shakespeare on Grief

“Sorrow concealed, like an oven stopp’d,
Doth burn the heart to cinders where it is.”

~ William Shakespeare

Seneca on Healing

“Only time can heal what reason cannot.”

~ Seneca