Ai Wei Wei on Thieves

You see many Westerners there who shamelessly, I would say, turn their back on the kind of values which generations of thinkers struggled to fight for, for freedom and democracy, just to make a quick profit, to cash in. It’s really pitiful.

~ Ai Wei Wei / Interview

J.K. Galbraith on Money

For any sensible person, money is two things: a major liberating force and a great convenience. It’s devastating to those who have in mind nothing else.

~ J.K. Galbraith

Andrei Tarkovsky on Work

“The great thing is to be free in your work. Of course it’s important to print or exhibit, but if that’s not possible you are still left with the most important thing of all—being able to work without asking anybody’s permission.”

~ Andrei Tarkovsky

Epictetus on Freedom

“Is freedom anything else than the right to live as we wish? Nothing else”

~ Epictetus