Epicurus on Fear

“The fool’s life is empty of gratitude and full of fears; its course lies wholly toward the future.”

~ Epicurus

Seneca on Hope

“Weigh carefully your hopes as well as your fears, and whenever all the elements are in doubt, decide in your own favour; believe what you prefer.”

~ Seneca

Tony Benn on Hope and Fear

“Hope is the fuel of progress and fear is the prison in which you put yourself”

~ Tony Benn

David Hume on Temperament

A propensity to hope and joy is real riches; one to fear and sorrow real poverty.

~ David Hume

Plutarch on Courage

“Courage consists not in hazarding without fear; but being resolutely minded in a just cause.”

~ Plutarch

Hunter Thompson on Fear

“Fear is a healthy instinct, not a sign of weakness. It’s a natural self-defense mechanism common to felines, wolves, hyenas, & most humans.”

~ Hunter Thompson

William Shakespeare on Courage

“tis true that we are in great danger, The greater therefore should our courage be.”

~ William Shakespeare

Seamus Heaney on Fear

“The way we are living,
timorous or bold,
will have been our life.”

~ Seamus Heaney