Regis Philbin on Defeat

Coach Frank Leahy, who was a great motivator, told us that day: Learn how to accept defeat in football and in your own life, because it will come.

~ Regis Philbin / Esquire, January 2005

Confucius on Hatred

“If you hate a person, you are defeated by them.”

~ Confucius

Jonathan Freedland on The Thrill of Defeat

By their choice, we’ll know whether they want to win – or to enjoy once more the martyr’s thrill of glorious defeat.

~ Jonathan Freedland / Guardian, 20th December 2019

Paul Theroux on Defeat

“…Borges, who said, “Defeat has a dignity which noisy victory does not deserve.”

~ Paul Theroux

Epictetus on Contests

“You will never have to experience defeat if you avoid contests whose outcome is outside your control.”

~ Epictetus