Penelope Lively on Ageing

“There’s this piece of contemporary mythology that the forties are the best time of your life. A load of cock, so far as I’m concerned.”

~ Penelope Lively / Passing On

W. H. Auden on Ageing

“Ageing has its problems, but they must be accepted without fuss.”

~ W. H. Auden

Simon Kuper on Ageing

“But ideally, after ambition has faded, you love your trade for its own sake.”

~ Simon Kuper / Financial Times, 10th October, 2019

C. S. Lewis on Ageing

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

~ C. S. Lewis

Seneca on Quality of Life

“Life’s like a play: it’s not the length, but the excellence of the acting that matters.”

~ Seneca

Seneca on Accomplishment

“Nothing is more disgraceful than that an old man should have nothing to show to prove that he has lived long, except his years.”

~ Seneca

Cato the Younger on Vice

“Old age has deformities enough of its own. – It should never add to them the deformity of vice”

~ Cato the Younger

Ranulph Fiennes on Ageing

“You realise that if you’d reached the ripe old age of, shall we say, over 50 without some dreadful sickness or disease or accident or something like that, and you’ve never wanted for food other than through your own fault, and you’ve never suffered from war other than your own fault, you’re incredibly lucky and therefore you shouldn’t allow negative thoughts [about ageing].”

~ Ranulph Fiennes