A Few Scots Proverbs

Better alane than in ill company.

Better rue sit than rue flit.

Cut your coat according to your claith.

Daylight will peep through a sma hole.

Enough’s as good as a feast.

Fore-warned, half armed.

He’ll soon be a beggar that canna say nae.

He that does you an ill turn will ne’er forgie you.

He that lives upon hope has a slim diet.

He that looks to frets, frets follow him.

He that wad eat the kernel maun crack the nut.

His heart is in his hose.

Law-makers should na be law-breakers.

Laugh at leisure, ye may greet e’er night.

Learn you tae an use and ye’ll ca’t custom.

Little ken’d the less cared for.

Make the best of an ill bargain.

Malice is mindfou.

Never quat certainty for hope.

Oppression will make a wise man mad.

Set a knave to grip a knave.

She‘s better than she‘s bonny.

The higher up the greater fa‘.

The mair noble the mair humble.

The mair mischief the better sport.

The poor man’s ay put to the warst.