Paul Theroux on Reliability

“Gain a modest reputation for being unreliable and you will never be asked to do a thing.”

~ Paul Theroux

Paul Theroux on Enough

“In travel, as in many other experiences in life, once is usually enough.”

~Paul Theroux

Paul Theroux on Britain

“But what I liked in Aberdeen was what I liked generally in Britain: the bread, the fish, the cheese, the flower gardens, the apples. the clouds, the newspapers, the beer, the woolen cloth, the radio programmes, the parks, the Indian restaurants and amateur dramatics, the postal service, the fresh vegetables, the trains, and the modesty and truthfulness of people.”

~ Paul Theroux

Paul Theroux on Defeat

“Borges, who said, “Defeat has a dignity which noisy victory does not deserve.”

~ Paul Theroux

Paul Theroux on Serenity

“He was serene, fulfilled, the real thing, the person no one wants to hear about, a happy man.”

~ Paul Theroux

Paul Theroux on Patience

“There’s always a way if you’re not in a hurry.”

~ Paul Theroux