Tony Fouhse on Ambition

Now I’m retired and my ambitions are waning. I’m content to photograph personal projects, write about photography, walk my dog, garden, read, cook and nap. A most fulfilling retirement, seeking fame and fortune an artifact from my previous life.

~ Tony Fouhse

Seneca on Anger

“We cease to be so angry once we cease to be so hopeful.”

~ Seneca

Seneca on Injuries

“He who has injured thee was either stronger or weaker than thee. If weaker, spare him; if stronger, spare thyself.”

~ Seneca

Pascal on Morality

“Let us strive to think well. That is the principle of morality.”

~ Blaise Pascal

Catherine Wilson on Life

A life can be good in Epicurean terms, even if it does not involve achievements validated and rewarded by mainstream society, or great sacrifices and struggles against worldly temptations.

Wilson, Catherine.

The Pleasure Principle: Epicureanism: A Philosophy for Modern Living (p. 250). HarperCollins Publishers. Kindle Edition.

Catherine Wilson on Life

Both excessive ambition and excessive self-sacrifice, [The Epicurean] believes, distort human life. We should neither strive for pre-eminence nor be driven into or choose slavish self-abnegation.

Wilson, Catherine.

The Pleasure Principle: Epicureanism: A Philosophy for Modern Living (pp. 248-249). HarperCollins Publishers. Kindle Edition.

Epicurus on Enough

He who has learned the limits of life knows that it is easy to provide that which removes the feeling of pain owing to want and makes one’s whole life perfect. So there is no need for things which involve struggle.

~ Epicurus

Wilson, Catherine. The Pleasure Principle: Epicureanism: A Philosophy for Modern Living (p. 243). HarperCollins Publishers. Kindle Edition.

Ice T on Other People

At some point you’ll realize, what they think, doesn’t matter.. Enjoy YOUR life, no matter what.

~ Ice T / Twitter

Catherine Wilson on Cars

Some people need to own a car, but for others it’s just a convention to have one, and those who have disburdened themselves of a car are no longer bothered by having to negotiate to buy them, or by maintaining, repairing, inspecting, licensing, refuelling and reselling them.

~ Wilson, Catherine. The Pleasure Principle: Epicureanism: A Philosophy for Modern Living (p. 88). HarperCollins Publishers. Kindle Edition.

Catherine Wilson on Pain

Above all, resist superstition and the temptation to turn pain into moral virtue.

~ Wilson, Catherine. The Pleasure Principle: Epicureanism: A Philosophy for Modern Living (p. 87). HarperCollins Publishers. Kindle Edition.

Wim Wenders on Art

“… You have to find what you can do better than anyone else and what you have in yourself that no-one else has.”

~ Wim Wenders / Louisiana Channel

Rachel Cusk on Integrity

“…and so I would think you get a lot further by sticking to your guns… and not trying to second-guess what people want to read.”

~ Rachel Cusk / Louisiana Channel

John Prine on Humanity

Some humans ain’t human
Some people ain’t kind
You open up their hearts
And here’s what you’ll find
A few frozen pizzas
Some ice cubes with hair
A broken Popsicle
You don’t want to go there
Some humans ain’t human
Though they walk like we do
They live and they breathe
Just to turn the old screw
They screw you when you’re sleeping
They try to screw you blind
Some humans ain’t human
Some people ain’t kind

Tom Sachs on Work

Can you imagine getting paid really, really well to do something that you didn’t love to do? What a horrible curse that would be.

~ Tom Sachs / Louisiana Channel

Charles Bukowski on Art

Some people like what you do, some people hate what you do but most people don’t give a damn.

~ Charles Bukowski

Richard Ford on Sweating

“… but then I think well, you know, my wish as a writer… is to write masterpieces. Why shouldn’t I work that hard? Why should it be simple? … Why shouldn’t it take four years?… Art is heavy lifting… I don’t mind sweating.”

~ Richard Ford / Louisiana Channel

Louise Glück on Originality

“You have to live your life if you’re going to do original work. Your work will come out of an authentic life …”

~ Louise Glück

Frazey Ford on Error

“…You wait for me to fuck up, to find yourself some proof…”

Frazey Ford / Done

Margaret Howell on Work

I hate a job half done. Even if it’s housework, you have to do a thorough job. I don’t have a dishwasher because I prefer to do it myself.

~ Margaret Howell / Guardian, 3rd October 2020

Matthew Gindin on Moderation

I also began to feel the mood that comes from settling into any difficult discipline, a mixture of increased self-confidence, self-respect and a decrease in the kind of anxiety that results from not feeling able to rely on oneself.

~ Matthew Gindin / Tricycle

Jorge Luis Borges on Art

The task of the artist is to transform what is continuously happening to us… into symbols, into music, into something which can last in man’s memory. That is our duty. If we don’t fulfill it, we feel unhappy.

~ Jorge Luis Borges 

Seneca on Penance

“Philosophy calls for simple living, not for doing penance, and the simple way of life need not be a crude one.”

~ Seneca

Seneca on Misfortune

“No man is crushed by misfortune unless he has first been deceived by prosperity”

~ Seneca

Margaret Atwood on Power

“It is just fun for a lot of people to demolish other people and it always has been, across the board. People like doing it. If you’re really going to put yourself in the box marked ‘virtuous’, you’ve got to ask yourself whether you’re actually being virtuous, or whether you’re being sadistic. Be aware of how you’re using your power.”

~ Margaret Atwood